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Learn how to DJ today without wasting $1,000′s on DJ Schools, getting taken advantage of by club owners and promoters, or blowing your DJ career because you were’t prepaired … Guaranteed!

Learn How To Mix


Have you been at a packed club, killer party or sold out concert and noticed the DJ” getting ALL of the attention (not to mention he didn’t have to wait in line, pay a huge cover charge) and you ask yourself why aren’t I doing this for a living? The good news is YOU CAN, and IN FACT IT IS REALLY EASY! You don’t have to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at a music school for DJ Training, a DJ academy, or wait for a mentor to show you how to become a DJ. This is the perfect book to learn how to dj for beginners and experienced jocks.

When I started out DJing years ago, I spent tons of money buying the wrong gear and had to spend even more money on top of that buying the best DJ equipment. I missed opportunities because I didn’t know how the whole DJ thing worked and was even told I should give up my dreams of DJing by one of my “Mentors.” After using each set back as motivation to really learn how the DJ industry works, I went on to make a living and SIX FIGURE INCOME FROM JUST MY DJ SKILLS!


LOVE FOR MUSIC AND PEOPLE. If you have those two traits, I can teach you how to be a DJ very quickly! And you may say, sure he did it, but I don’t have any musical talent, or have the same hook ups the he has. The good news is if you can count to 4 you are qualified to be a DJ (if you can count 8 beats, you’ll go even further)! And I didn’t get my break because someone did it for me, I created my own stage to perform on and you can too! ALL YOU NEED TO BE A DJ IS LOVE FOR MUSIC AND PEOPLE.

If you are passionate about being a DJ and follow a few principles that took me years to discover, YOU CAN BECOME A TOP DJ. Yes there are a few technical things like beatmatching, music programming and DJ etiquette (which I will teach you about) but there are a few secret traits that TOP DJs possess that I like to call the X-factor.

After determining which DJs were the most successful in the world, I researched everything possible about them and even researched their influences to see if I could find a common thread. And it is such simple process its a wonder why most DJs don’t take the time to perfect it. In the DJ book” I explain an detail, but to sum it up you set your goals, learn the craft, creatively brand yourself, promote yourself, leverage your success, and enjoy the journey! IT ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE!

how to dj for beginners and experienced djs “Whew lot of information, but good information! Hopefully others will read and reflect on each chapter. I’ll have to listen to it a few more times to fully get everything I didn’t know already.”
DJ Lane Goldberg

So you want to be a dj?

LEARN HOW TO DJ FROM A PRO, DJ Dan Morrell has over 12 years of experience as a radio DJ, and even longer playing clubs along with high end bookings through out the world, you can LEARN HOW TO DJ DIRECTLY FROM A WELL QUALIFIED SOURCE.

SAVE TIME, Be A Top has time saving shortcuts based on knowledge compiled directly from the best DJs in the world make this book a must have for someone just learning how to DJ AND the seasoned veteran jock.

LEARN HOW TO STAND OUT IN A CROWD OF DJS, These days everyone wants to be a DJ. Because of the low barriers of entry, there is no better time to get behind the decks.

LEARN HOW GET DJ GIGS, in my book I’ll show you how to get some of the best DJ gigs.

LEARN HOW TO STAY ON TOP ONCE YOU’VE MADE IT. Anyone can get their 15 minutes of DJ fame, but once you make it I will teach you how to stay on top.

SAVE EVEN MORE TIME, because I know how important time is to all of us, I even made an audiobook version that you can download in MP3 format and PERSONALLY READ IT TO YOU, I can’t make it any easier!


Successful case studies from REAL DJS WHO HAVE READ THE BOOK
(you can ask them personally, links below)

“Dan, has taught me how to structure a mix, to make sure each cut is precise, and perfect. Dan has taught me to follow my hopes and dreams about music, which has influenced me even more to work with music, so I can not only shoot for nationwide publicity, but also worldwide. If it wasn’t for Dan, I wouldn’t be at the stage that I am now, and I don’t think I ever would have been without his help. Thanks for everything.”
Simone Ragusa

“I have been DJing for 20 years and just downloaded the book.  I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the great info!”
Jere Djfreestyle Tidwell

“Whew lot of information, but good information! Hopefully others will read and reflect on each chapter. I’ll have to listen to it a few more times to fully get everything I didn’t know already.”
Lane Goldberg

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Dan Morrell

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