Numark Dj Cd Player

numark dj cd player
how can i hook up a pair of power speakers to my numark dm1002 mkii mixer and how can i hook up wireless mics ?

i am an aspiring dj and i do small gigs. i wanted to get real equipment with great results. I own a pair of American Audio Psx cd-players. How can i hook up wireless mics to the sound system and hoop up the sound system to my mixer?

The connection from the mixer to the speakers will depend on what kind of outputs and inputs the mixer and speakers have. The Numark website didn’t say what kind of outputs the mixer has.

If the mixer has 3 pin XLR outputs and your speakers have XLR inputs, you will just need 2 XLR mic cables to connect.

If the mixer has RCA outputs and the speakers have 1/4 inch inputs, you will need RCA to 1/4 inch cables.

The mixer only has one mic input, so that is all you can connect unless you want to buy a separate mixer.

Numark NDX800 CD/USB/MIDI Player Controller @ NAMM 2010

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