How To Make Websites

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how to make websites
Can I make money making websites for people/small businesses?

Do people pay for you to make them a website?
I’m a programming major, and I’m looking for some extra cash. Will people/ small businesses pay for a professional-looking website done by a student?
Any tips on how I will be able to get around doing this?

Yes, build a website as an example. If you can show this as part of your resume they will be more likely to hire you!! Your school should have some type of internships as well.

Adobe Dreamweaver Introduction Tutorial – How To Make a Website In HTML

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Dj Kits

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dj kits
im trying to find a begenner dj kit for not that much money were should i buy it from?

I never know what ‘not much money’ means. I can tell you that if you don’t have $300, then don’t bother. As far as where, I like to support local stores but there are several big online retailers for DJ equipment.

Be Free – Ciao (DJ Kit vs. Alex Nevsky)

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How To Make A Blog

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how to make a blog
How do I make blog file size upload adjustments?

I have a wordpress blog, and maximum upload size is 10mb. I want to either upload songs or have a media player that plays them, but the songs I listen to are electronic, and long, and bigger than I’m allowed to upload. Is there an application I can add that will help, or is there a way to tweak the maximum file size, or a way to make my music files smaller? I’m kind of computer-stupid, so layman’s terms would be appreciated.

Those parameters are set by your hosting company, not WordPress. I just changed hosts, and went from a 8mb limit to basically unlimited when uploading in wordpress. Contact your host and ask what their resource usage limit is and see if they can change it for you.

However, it sounds like you’re on a shared hosting plan. Your host will probably slow down your bandwidth speed if too many people are streaming or downloading things. Or, depending on their terms of service, could shut you down all together for offering media downloads. I would use a secondary service not hosting on your site to provide a media player.

How To Make A Blog / Website Free – Warbeats Tutorials

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Mount Power

Mount Power
How I can mount ISO images of DVD Power ISO?

By default it is virtual CD drives. But I have yet to see how can make a virtual DVD drive as I need to mount a specific image on DVD. Is there any way to do this? Must be CD playback DVD images as well? Google has not helped me so far.

Hey, PowerISO mounted both DC and DVD. You need to have images to fit, either. Iso or format. Img to mount them. This works the same CD or DVD. Technical Support Representative Serg.M

How to mount ISO file with power iso.

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Dvd Holder

Dvd Holder
Is there some sort of holder I can buy for my portable dvd player so I can watch it while on my treadmill?

There’s no tv in the room where I exercise, so I bought a dvd player…how can I mount it on my old sears treadmill so it will be secure?

I don’t know of any made particularly for a treadmill but I suspect a motorcycle mount or even a flex mount could be used. The best place to look would be Ram
They have mounts for about any piece of electronics to mount to just about anything.

I use one for my tablet computer in the car. Be sure to shop around when you find the model that will work, prices do vary from retailer to retailer!

DVD/CD holder made of wood and metal organizer

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Laptop Shelf

Laptop Shelf
Is it safe to bring your laptop into the bathroom when you shower?

I want to bring it in to listen to music, but I take really hot showers which means there is a lot of steam. I want to bring my laptop in and set it maybe on one of my shelf far away from the shower as to avoid water getting on it. But do you think that all of the steam would build up moisture inside of it and ruin it?

Even if it isn’t at risk of being damaged due to damp, you should still keep it out of your bathroom when you’re bathing/having a shower. Accidents happen. If you’re sitting on the toilette with it in your lap while you’re sending an email or whatever, then I can see how it could be useful (and non-risky) in a situation like that. For music, I think you should consider other options like a battery-run cd player. I suppose you could put the computer on the floor, but, surely the music can wait until you finish your bath/shower?!

Hi Cam Filming System Take Down

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Dvd Desk

Dvd Desk
LoveFilm to increase London staff by 20%
Amazon-owned DVD and online video rental firm looks to boost digital download business Amazon-owned DVD and online video rental company LoveFilm is to increase its London-based staff by more than 20%, adding 40 employees, as it looks to boost the development of its digital download business. LoveFilm, which employs 168 staff in London and 380 across the UK, is looking for recruits to strengthen …
Building Desktop DVD shelves pt.1

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Guitar Case

Guitar Case
The Best Videos of the Week [Video]
# watch Maybe you got your tan on all week and couldn’t check your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you got sunburned instead and could use a pain-relieving distraction. Well, whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was. More »
How To Build Guitar Case part 1

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Tabletop Scratch

Tabletop Scratch
Numark M1 2-Channel Tabletop Scratch DJ Mixer Unboxing

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Tabletop Scratch

How To – Glass Tabletop Scratch Removal Demo-Pocket Polisher

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Speaker Home

Speaker Home
Speakers: Home Theatre vs. stereo 2-channel

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Speaker Home

home made speakers using Dayton Sound Exciters

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