Technics Turntables

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technics turntables
Technics turntable with Shure Cartridge?

I have a brand new Techincs 1200 mk5 turntable with a Shure M97XE Phono Cartridge? I have been recently been getting back into vinyl. I was wondering if this is a good setup to have and enjoy the my records.

it’s as good as you want your records to sound. I cannot personally tell you, you need to decide for yourself. Different styles of music desire different styli. If you are happy with the current setup, which is, in my opinion, prety good, don’t bother changing it. If you want a different sound such as more bass or more highs, look for a different stylus. Check the website which has plenty of styli.

Turntablist Legend DJ Craze Routine Tracktor Pro and Kontrol X1 Gold Technics Turntables

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Setting up the Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable: Planet of Sound

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Can you scratch with a CDJ turntable?

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Dj Turntable Packages

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dj turntable packages
BEGINNER DJ please help?

so i want to get into turntables and mixing as a hobbie..iv been messing around with sony acid for a while and love it so i think its time to get some equipment. Iv read that you cant get anything good for under 1k but seriously I just want somthing that will work and be durable…is this a good start ? i also found a deal on a used serato scartch live package i would wanna get too

im a dj..if ur have a computer already well then great..let me tell u i can get u 2 gemini 12′ self powered speakers 2 & stands.about 4-6 chauvet lights & stands plus computer stand 1 turntable diffrent brands 2 choose from plus all wires needed..and youll b set as a mobile dj 2 begin with all under 1k i really dnt recommend guitarcenter 2 begin with..just email me 4 more info or questions at

Top 5 Bestselling DJ Turntables

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Turntable Case

Turntable Case
DJ Cases & Coffins, Mixer Cases Long Island NY

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Turntable Case

Get my turntable case free

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Technics Turntable

Technics Turntable

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Technics Turntable
Hey Vermont! It has vinyl? Dear readers …
Closer Look-Limited Edition Gold Technics 1200 – SL-1200LTD!

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Stylus Needle

Stylus Needle
how to tell if my turntable needs a new stylus/needle?

i have a sony pslx250 turntable and my records sound a little off, i cant comment to whether or this is normal since i dont have experience with records. i also took a close look at the stylus and noticed that the end is kind of flat. i have looked at a few pictures of other stylus and they seem to have a point at their end, but i dont know if all needles are the same or not?

The very tip of a stylus shoudn’t wear down at all. Some are more rounded than others… A stylus never bottoms out in the groove. It only makes contact with the V-shaped groove walls. What happens as a stylus wears is that the sides begin to get flat spots worn into them. This causes more distortion and poorer tracking. The worn stylus that is no longer nice and rounded can also act like a cutter and permanently damage a record’s groove walls.

A stylus generally lasts around 500 hours of play. A little more or less depending on the shape and quality. It’s really impossible to actually see stylus wear without a powerful microscope and a trained eye before it’s too late and you’re already damaging your records. When in doubt or you start to hear more distortion or less high frequencies… change the stylus is the best way to go… or if you think you may have around 500 hours on it or it may have been damaged in an accident.

Here’s a good link…

Video 6 for the total novice DJ, The styli/needle

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Numark Tt

numark tt
which would you rather have the Gemini TT-01 Turntable or Numark tt1610? ?

hello,,,,Im new to the dj world and would like to learning how to mix and spin….dont have the money for the mighty technic… but want something to start out with…any advices ????? these two are in my price ranges…thanks


Numark TT 1650

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Numark Ttusb

numark ttusb
is there a USB turntable that allows you to play (not just record) your records from your computer?

the 2 main ones that i’m looking at are the Numark TTUSB and the Ion Audio iTTUSB (though i am open to other suggestions), but they all mention the ability to record to your computer and THEN play. i am looking for one that has the option to play from the USB turntable itself.

does what i want even exist? does anyone have a USB turntable they would suggest based on personal experience?

also, i do not need this for DJ’ing. i have just recently developed a bit of a collection of LPs and would like to actually listen to them.

your help is greatly appreciated; thanks in advance.

If there is not, there ought to be!

Numark TTUSB Review

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Parts Turntable

Parts Turntable
Where do I find a beginner turntable?

I’m extremely new to scratching and was wondering where I could find a beginner turntable that’s pretty much already assembled? Like, with crossfader and all of the bells and whistles I’ll need to scratch. I’m not sure how to build a turntable form scratch, getting individual parts and so on so I’m looking for something simple.

You can try ION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System. It’s under $100 and it’s just enough to get you started.

features (via Amazon):

* Includes everything you need to DJ with your computer
* Access your entire digital library with support for M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG audio files
* Two-deck controller with volume, three-band EQ, pitch controls, and scratch wheel for each deck
* Features large, touch-sensitive scratch wheels for a natural vinyl feel
* Works with Mac and PC computers
* Easy-to-use MixVibes Cross LE DJ software included
* Harness the processing power of your Mac or PC to DJ parties, events and even clubs

How to Be a Hip Hop DJ : Parts & Functions of a Turntable

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Glide Style

Glide Style
How long until my abs start to show?

Ok so I do usually around 70 ‘ab rolls’ (where you put your hands on two handles and glide forwards and back) and I’m not overweight.

How long will it take for my abs to show? I’m not wanting body builder style abs though lol just defined ones.

It totally depends on where you’re starting out at. Seeing your abs is all about your body fat level – if it’s over 10%, you probably won’t be able to see your abs. So work on your diet and work out hard and consistently!

Odyssey Glide Style Case/Coffin – Features, Tips, & Black Label Overview

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